Multiblock linocut

I’ve been experimenting with new techniques and also trying to refine techniques I’ve already tried before. This one is a multiblock linocut, which I’ve tried before, but without any registration. Which was obviously a disaster because I’ve had a lot of misprints.

This time I decided to take some lessons and from the workshop by Alette de Roos I’ve learned much more about how to use different techniques and about the possibilities of adding color in linocuts.

I decided to use a picture from Pinterest and tag the model in my work so she could see. I won’t be selling this print, since I’ve used the picture of someone else without asking, just for practicing.

I’ve started my design in three colors to see if they would look good together and to see how the new method of registration will go.

When all blocks were carved, I started printing the first (orange) layer. The second layer soon followed and last but not least, I finished the print with the blue.

As this was my first really good registered multiblock linocut practice, I really love it and I think I’ll be using this technique a lot more from now on!

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